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About Allstate

Allstate is a company with a long and solid history of service to its customers. The company was founded in 1931 as part of Sears, Roebuck & amp; Company. In 1993, Allstate became a public company and two years later, in 1995, became independent.

As an insurance company, Allstate is one of the 100 largest public companies according to the income index, Fortune. We have $157.5 billion of assets and since 1993 we have been a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Classified A + (Superior) by AM Best, AA- Very Strong by Standard and Poor’s and founding member of IMSA organization that regulates Ethics in the Businesses of Insurance Companies.

We have a workforce of more than 70,000 professionals, of whom close to 30 percent belong to minority groups and 59.2 percent are women. Diversity is an integral element in everything we do, including commitment to our clients and communities, the people we hire and our suppliers.

Our commitment to diversity and our culture of responsibility, ensures that you and your family are in Good Hands™ with Allstate.

Since 1988, GSACC (QFPI) has been at your side giving you peace

and tranquility by providing to your clients and policyholders:

Policies for: Heart, Cancer, Accident, Disability Insurance due to illness and accident inside and outside of work, Critical Illness Insurance, Policies for Illness’ Hospitalization (Shop), Dental insurance, and the most competitive Group Plans for Cancer and Accident Plans. Also, qualify people up to 99 years old to buy their Universal Life Insurance without limit and with guaranteed and simple insurance up to $ 150,000.00 without Medical Examination or Blood test, and the newest Level-Premiun Term Policy up to 100 Years.

As a General Agency of Allstate Benefits:

For more than two decades, we have been among the first ten General Agencies in the United States and the US Virgin Islands, and for the past three years, we have being the General Agents of Allstate Life Insurance Co. and Allstate Insurance Company (P & C).

Our Mission

Our corporate heritage and our financial stability as an agency are reflected in our mission: “To be the best general agency by serving our customers. The service to our clients gives them peace and tranquility and enriches their lives through the help we provide to manage the risks they face.”

A Firm Commitment to Diversity

We are an agency with solid principles dedicated to diversity and the service of our clients and policyholders. No matter where you are, you will always be in Good Hands™ with Allstate Benefits; and GSACC has an operational network in 49 States, Puerto Rico, and the North American Virgin Islands. You will receive the care you need, without pressure and in your language, because we have authorized representatives who speak Spanish and are ready to help you.

In addition to the excellent personal service provided by our authorized representatives, producers, and our agencies on the island; GSACC offers the convenience of service through this website, and by telephone at (787) 782-9808.

Physical Address

709 Andalucía Ave.
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00920

 Contact Us

P.O. Box 367306
San Juan, PR 00936-7306

Phone: (787) 782 – 9808
Fax: (787) 793 – 0474

e-Mail: info@allstatepr.com

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